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Into the Night Kid Outdoor Adventure Kit


Built for the backyard or the backcountry, this outdoor adventure kit for kids contains quality outdoor items and a 20+ page activity guide with 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games and nature crafts.

When you know what to look and listen for, the night can come alive. A headlamp is one of the most practical and useful outdoor tools - from midnight bathroom breaks to telling spooky ghost stories. With this kit, you wont be afraid of the dark, you'll count down the hours until sunset!


  • Star Planisphere Wheel
  • LED Headlamp + Carry Bag (batteries included) 
  • 500 ml Water Bottle + Glow Stickers
  • Glow sticks (15 pc)
  • DIY Constellation Kit
  • LED Light String Craft
  • Enamel Merit Pin
  • PLUS 20 Page Activity Guide


  • Nocturnal Nature
  • Night Sky Navigation
  • Playing in the Dark  
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