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Ouch Pouch First-Aid Kit


The OUCH POUCH First Aid Kit will survive rain, mud, and snow. The bright red durable water resistant zippered bag will keep all your first aid supplies clean, dry and safe for those unavoidable times they are required.

Be prepared for all types of minor injuries with this compact but very well stocked kit. From simple scrapes and cuts to bee stings, itching, minor burns scrapes, insect bites and ticks, and other minor injuries this kit comes with the following items to assist you: 

  • 5" x 8" zippered water resistant red first aid pouch (with room to pack some of your own items) 
  • Features belt loops on back to carry on your hip or attach to your pack 
  • 1 pair of Wild Life branded Stainless Steel tweezers for slivers and for tick removal
  • 1 pair of small scissors
  • 1 triangle bandage for making a sling
  • 1 spool of adhesive tape
  • 1 package of gauze bandage
  • 1 tourniquet for stopping bleeding
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