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You Were the First

You were the first to smile. You were the first to cry. You were the first to lift your head, to look at the trees and flowers and sky.

There is nothing like the first experience of having a child, a life-changing experience that completely transforms the meaning of love. While all babies in the family are special, a new sibling can be an especially challenging emotional transition for the firstborn, and this unique story addresses those insecurities head-on in a most gentle and lyrical way. 
You Were the First is also a touching tribute to any baby's early milestones--those unforgettable moments that will always be cherished. From first smiles to first cuddles and even to that first kiss, here's a loving ode to every child's--and parent's--momentous "firsts."
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 40 pages
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